Hunters Amazon Originals Interactive Event

Last Saturday, Amazon put on a fun interactive event for their new series Hunters, a (semi) true story about Nazi hunting Vigilantes in 1970's New York City.  

Amazon transformed an entire block between avenues 56 and 57 on Figueroa Street in Highland Park, Los Angeles into a 1970's playground.  This immersive event brought all of us back in time with an exclusive peek at the first episode, concessions, drinks, food, bowling and plot points from the show. 

Highland Theater

Highland Theater is a place in history; a small triplex offering a zero frills experience reminiscent of your childhood when movies were cheap and the Concessions weren't gourmet. The screen works, the sound is great, the seats are cozy -  all of which help overcome the shabby interior of this cultural monument.

What a neat place to see a movie!

After the screening VIP guests were invited to the after party at Highland Park Bowl. Punch card in tow, we headed across the New York Streets for pizza, bowling, drinks and fun! 

From the facade you would never know it's core from driving by. When I stepped inside I was immediately drawn to their beautiful lighting fixtures, wooden arches and re-purposed touches throughout this 1927 gem.

I had two craft cocktails curated for the event, the bartenders were great and did an Amazing Job keeping up with guests. Drinks were just right.

The Nunchuck| Gin, Egg White, Luxardo
Truth Serum| Vodka, Lemon Juice, Sugar
The Mensch| Rye, Manischewitz, Angostura Bitters

I didn't get to bowl, but the pizza was fresh, and delicious wood fired.  My partner and I had a great time and glad we were able to partake in these rare opportunity of a detailed makeover and robust marketing push for this interesting Amazon Originals series!  

I'm so glad we came to this event hosted by Amazon otherwise I would not have known this beautiful historical gem existed. Make it a point to come here you will not be disappointed!

Highland Theater| 5604 N Figueroa St
Highland Park Bowl| 5621 N Figueroa St