Blackberry Randoms Upload

Heyyy, How are you doing?  Last week here in Los Angeles and Orange County we experienced our first rainy day.  The typical Fall or Winter AM, where it's dark outside before work, so you layer up and break out the stainless coffee mug and pray everyone takes it easy on the slippery roads!

I haven't done too many OOTD's, but here is a Blackberry upload of some random stuff I've been doing.

4 weeks into my Fall semester. Me after my criminal investigation class. I got this top with FAB embroidery detail for $7 on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory, earrings are from F21.

Took my nails off again! LOL  I got a manicure w/ Essie's Fall Collection color, CARRY ON.

I was craving Tito's Tacos.  Located in Culver City off Washington. "I love Tito's Tacos You love Tito's too. I love Tito's Tacos What else can you do?".....

My little cuzzo's birthday cake her Mom made for her.  I turned 32, 4 days later she turned 23. #2Much3Much. Ate lunch at Fudrucker's.

Later we went to Saddle Ranch on Sunset in Hollywood, yes the same place as the VH1 reality show. Never saw the show before but my cousin pointed it out. Interesting. LOL
This is their Thai Peanut salad, it was GOOD!

Saddle Ranch's Birthday cake, kinda cool.

Riding back seat in my own car. Love it.
You can kinda see my mustard Linea Pelle Dylan Speedy sitting next to me. I bought this 3 years ago, so far it's timeless. LOL

Givenchy's Pop Gloss, that I LOVE. It's super smooth.

1st Wednesday of every month, we have a staff meeting at work w/ catered food. This month it was Hawaiian BBQ.

Cobalt Blues & Jewel Tones are big for Fall. I don't have many, but here was my shot at something I already had.

I have been wearing these Steve Madden Booties A LOT.

Went downtown and this was on a black wall.

& Ummmm, def got our $15.99 fill at Red Lobster.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, the weather is supposed to be better this week!
We're already planning our Holiday party at work, can't believe we're on the 2012 countdown already.