Newport Beach Restaurant Week: Hare's Looking at You

It is Newport Beach Restaurant Week for the next two weeks, from January 13-26, 2020. With 50+ restaurants on the list, it was difficult to carve out a few that would make the cut. 

However, with Fable & Spirit outside of Lido Marina being on my culinary radar since it was named Best New Restaurant in 2019, it was an easy call.  Reservations in tow, I headed to OC’s Fairy Tale favorite for my whimsical affair.

Right before you enter this palpable wonderland, you are greeted by this bright marigold Margee Drew Designs Georgian/Regency Era hare & knocker embellished door. I wondered if I knocked three times, would some mad hatter type character pop out with a cocktail? 
Maybe in my next lifetime.  

Behind the marigold Dublin door, are teal velvet drapes with matching walls, gold framed Celtic Goddesses, marigold touches with a long bar that is reminiscent of the Emerald Isle in Ireland. The owners, the Coyle Family are from Ireland and wanted to create a rich culinary experience in a space that would represent the spirit and magic of their rich Irish heritage. 

The photo to the left is a Snug, or as Irish would say, a Pub Snug or Humble Snug. In the Victorian era, Pubs were made to be more respectable and created Snugs for upper echelon members of society so they could drink in private.  
Reservations for this special space is a must at F & S!

A Statement from their menu: "Our family promise is that Fable & Spirit will create everything on your plate from scratch, sourcing sustainable and organic ingredients from caring purveyors, and we will source locally when it's best and practical. Our Planet and our heath really matters." 

|Sommelier's Choice|
 Sparkling Wine

First Course
|Smoked Black Cod Cake|
braised baby leeks, summer corn, garlic confit, meyer lemon

Second Course
|Cracked Pepper Bucatini|
manila clams, pancetta, parmesan, smoke cured egg yolk 

My overall experience was great, from being greeted, seated and served. The food was good, I would give my two course meal a solid 3.5 stars. The cod cake was a bit salty for my taste and saw pieces of salmon rather than cod. Maybe it had both? Not sure. The lemon meyer sauce was delish!  My pasta was great; featuring made-from-scratch pasta with a wonderful sauce. I expected more hints of pepper but they were just not there, not sure if my pasta was day old or longer but it certainly tasted day old. 

Restaurant week is still young, check back later for more Newport Beach culinary! 

Tip: There's a free parking lot just past the restaurant on the right side.