Newport Beach Restaurant Week: Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive trees represent prosperity and peace -  this culinary masterpiece was inspired by the diverse cultures and flavors of the French Riviera which attributes to their authentic flavors.  A traditional Mediterranean diet is designed by the use of fresh flavors from premium olive oils without the use of heavy sauces. Delectably so,  when you mix Olive & Fig, you get a salty, sweet and warm goodness without the heaviness of creams. Let's EAT! 

12,000 sq. ft. oasis featuring six different rooms that all incorporate different parts of the region.

Vibrant marble island bar with iron shelves displaying the bar's spirits serves as the main focal point. 

Lounge Seating Area

Restaurant Week Lunch Menu 2 Course $25 

Complimentary bread and infused olive oils. My favorite was the middle, blood orange. 

|Signature Crostini Trio|
Manchego | fig, marcona almond
Marinated Shrimp | meyer lemon, micro cilantro
Smoked Salmon | creme franiche

First Course
|Carrot & Ginger Soup|
fresh ginger & turmeric, roasted baby heirloom carrots, orange juice, Spanish onions & olive oil croutons

Second Course
|Fig & Olive Salad|
manchego, gorgonzola dolce, fig, apple, tomato, olive, scallion, walnut with f & o dressing

5 stars across the board. Their service was outstanding, I was greeted and seated promptly given the option to sit in any of their rooms.  I selected the lounge mainly to view the bar. My waiter was fantastic, I had 2-3 servers attending to me and at any moment someone was in reach of asking a question. My waiter knew the menu well and helped me with recommendations of their crostinis. Their food was excellent, flavorsome and fresh. So many different layers of flavors without feeling heavy! I will definitely be back, I want to try every single crostini because they are that good! 

Tip: Valet available but can literally park in the same lot 50 steps away for free.
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Check out their Sunday Jazz Brunch, I hear its a good thing!