Oh You Fancy Huh? Nails did.....

What's With The Cattitude?
By OPI Summer 2010, Shrek Forever After Collection

I'm wearing 'What's With the Cattitude?' by OPI which was released in the Summer of 2010 as part of their limited edition Shrek Forever After Collection. I've had this since last summer but never tried it. When I noticed that Sally Hansens Barracuda color had been released for Spring 2011,  I decided to rekindle my feelings for Shrek's Summer color since they're very similar. LOL! Both are a creamy pastel color, which is going to be BIG for Spring.  I had one finger done in the new "Crack" trend. Wasn't sure if I'd like it, so I decided to try just one finger.

Shrek Forever Collection

Sally Hanson Barracuda in the center