My Recent Winter Favs

Winter Favs
1. Jade Earrings my Mom gifted me with for Christmas. I love Jade & oriental stuff period. Green is one of my favorite colors & I'm a true sucker for superstition.  In Chinese culture, jade is believed to be a link between the physical and spiritual worlds, and is thought to be the material form that most completely embodies both the yin and yang qualities of Heaven and Earth. Thus it is called, "the stone of Heaven."

2. Suedette Heeled Work Boot $34.80

3. Moonwalk Ring by Lia Sophia $68 - If you would like to order one (or anything), you can order from my personal family member

4. Military inspired jacket by $68-80, snagged for about $3 from their sample sale.  Also in the photo is my FAVORITE early Christmas's a 14kt gold Rosary. I've wanted a real one for sooo long. xoxo Now I can say my Hail Mary's & Our Father's...:)

A closer view of my earrings


Can you believe Christmas is only 5 days away? It's been non stop raining since Friday. Supposed to clear up by Friday.