Youth Football - Fremont High School Los Angeles

I can't stand that I lost my digital! I love posting randoms!! Bare with me on the the qual of my photos, the digi is coming soon.

Usually my Saturday mornings start out like this. I am a board member for the football chapter in my city. The name of our Chapter is South Bay Packers. I love being on the football field with our youth. There is nothing more humbling then to see the excitement kids gets playing a game of ball.  So I wanna give a HUGE shout out to all the coaches, moms, volunteers that make places like this possible for the kids. Especially to the Banks family who have ran the Packers since the 80's! Without volunteers, none of this is possible.  Many of us don't have children who KUDOS to those who take the time to care for our youth!! They're our future.

A little fun story that I learned from being on the football field: 
Even though our team is from South Bay, we play our home games at Fremont HS in Los Angeles. It's considered on the East Side of LA. Every year I learn to love it more & more as I create the memories in my life. There is an elder man that has been on the field every Saturday for the past three years since I've been volunteering. This past week, a couple of our coaches noticed him on the field so we started talking to him. We learned that he is 76 years old and has been cleaning up the field for free for 44 years. He explained that not many people know that Fremont High used to be the most recruited school for baseball. In the past 44 years he's seen 47 players come out of this school and make it the MLB. The very first player to ever get paid 100,000 came out of this school. He said he loves to keep a clean place for the kids and he enjoys watching the future pros!  LOVED IT!

Pink Chevy we saw on the 110. I love old cars, I envision what the roads used to looked like!

So after making it home at 4 am, I managed to get the strength to take the kids to the annual LA County Fair at the Pomona Fair Plex. Beautiful weather, such a lovely day, yummy blossom onions but crappy funnel cakes. High-lite of the day, spending the day with my daughter, & family. Love seeing the kids happy!

Fit of the Day: Juicy Necklace, random coral bangles, Casio watch. Tank & shoes from Old Navy, Shorts I cut myself from a cheapie pair of jeans from Marshalls, top from boutique.

Xo, Natalie