Prime this, Prime that....

Yes, we all know that primers have been on a raise for quite some time..but honestly, I never used them. The only primer I owned was by Mary Kay, I think I purchased it 3 years ago && used it twice!

So of course I went tot he go-to spot for some reviews & ideas on some that work well. I wanted to try two, one for lids & one for face. Here is what I came up w/ && what I think....

1. Stay don't Stray by Benefit: I opted to try this one first because it had pretty decent reviews. 530 reviews w/ 4 stars, PLUS it was only $24.  In addition what really sealed the deal was the slight color to it, it almost acts like a concealer. I give this product 3.5 stars. I mostly like it because it use it as a concealer and it works great because it STAYS. However, as far the eye shadow creases, I'd say it lasts about 3 hours.

What is your favorite Eye Primer? Please do share..

Prime Time by Bare Escentuals: I decided to try this because Sephora was selling a .5 oz tube for $6 bucks which was a great deal because 1 oz is $21. Roughly $5 cheaper in price. I've only worn it twice. Made my face feel really smooth, no tacky feel, but didn't make my foundation last any longer or make my pores appear any smaller. However, when I first put my make up on, it was flawless however it didn't hold the glow. I give it a 2.5. I'll report back if I end up feeling any differently later. I really wanted to love this because of it's natural minerals!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer! LOVES IT!!! So smooth silky, does the  job! Love it. Almost prefect reveiws on Sephora.  Best of Sephora winner 2008!! DING!

I also purchased this R&R primer, that retails for $46 but you know I didn't pay that...try $3 w/ coupon codes, etc. BUT, I can't get it to pump!! ON their website, it states.." it's like a fine wine that needs to be corked"...**scratching head confused** did they REALLY just use that analogy? wow. Well guess what R&R, it doesn't work! I know how to cork fine wine but do I need to go pay a corkage fee?? LOL