Yelp San Gabriel Valley: Hsi Lai Temple

Hsi Lai Temple is massive mountain monastery that is beautifully placed in the hills of Hacienda Heights, it is the largest temple in our region that encompasses over 15 acres.  

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I appreciate Yelp introducing me to this immaculate Humanistic Buddhism temple. I arrived for our tour by Nancy, Sunday morning around 11 a.m., the sky was clear and views were gorgeous. It was a beautiful day for us! 

The atmosphere is serene, calm and peaceful even with all the events and preparations for the Chinese New Year, there was a common courtesy felt throughout the day.  The views are outstanding and cannot quite put into words how vast they are. You have to come see for yourself. 

Chinese New Year runs from January 25 - February 4. 
2020 is Year of the Rat 
We toured during Little Year which is the period of preparations 
that last until New Years Eve

What year are you? I am year of the Goat. 

Seeing the art, the gold, the intricate details of each statue made it such memorable to experience. Nancy was very knowledgeable and made the tour interesting.  Take the tour if its your first time, there is so much to learn about Buddhism and the culture. I appreciate the experience and will bring back my family. 

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One of the guidelines to visiting the temple is meat, fish and poultry are prohibited.       However, they have a buffet for $8/ person filled with vegan options. The food was                                       flavorful and filling after our tour of the grounds! 

My take away from this experience is to practice being more enlightened by achieving a heaven on earth, by eliminating stressors, cravings and expectations. No matter your religion I think we can all benefit from planting good seeds of karma and reaping the benefits of being an enlightened human. 

After leaving the temple, I couldn't quite place where I have seen this place before on TV, then it hit me! The Amazing Race 19 started here!