OOTD: Prosperity And Harmony

A couple Saturdays ago I went to my friends birthday party in Huntington Beach.

My dear friend Danielle was there with her mobile spa, DLuxe. She's a licensed massage therapist, currently working in a Chiro office in the South Bay area if anyone is interested, however via her mobile spa she is available for parties, gatherings, etc. She gave me the best back massage & also offered to do a 'soul cleansing'. Soul Cleansing is the clearing and cleansing of past/present/parallel/future lives and negative energies that are impacting upon this present life in a negative way, thereby stopping you from reaching your full potential.

H&M top
Cargos: Romeo & Juliet Couture
Wedges: Matiko
Cuffs: Linea Pelle & H&M
Ring by Kenneth Jay Lane