Hippie Hooligan: There He Go

As promised....A Hip Hop Post.

Qute Thumb! LOL

Top Dawg Entertainments most gritty, ScHoolboy Q
is back at it witH His newest project
HABITS N' Contradictions.
No solid release date as of yet
but we've been blessed witH a few increments
of the skills He possess.

So far tHere Has been tHree tracks released off of #HnC;
There He Go, Druggy's and Hoes Again, & Oxy Music.

LOVE HIS SWAGG on His flow..every lyric drips flava!
Too much style in His music to not wanna bang the fuck outta it.
(excuse my language fasHionistas, but I love GUTTA hip hop)

Check out His most recent interview w/ 2DOPEBOYZ
He explains why He started rapping...He was simply born to!
His new song with A$AP rocky!  That GANGSTA Swagg! 
He also adds..."Fuck Black Hippy" HaHa!

Click the link below to purcHase His previous tape, Setbacks
Talk to you later loves!