You Fancy Huh?....Nails Did

So remember back in April I told you guys back in April HERE, that I was going all natural for the first time in YEARS! I received great feedback & so much info about it. I LOVE natural nails, I would live everyday natural if I didn't have such a fixation for clean, manicured nails. If there is something I can't stand,  it's a cracking, breaking, chipped nail. My nails kept breaking & chipping. I got so impatient. Gel polish is AWESOME, I love everything about it..It is more expensive than even acyrilics but SO WORTH IT! Thank you for all the great tips & compliments. & to your natural wearing beauties...You're LUCKY!

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turquoise & caicos with tart deco by Essie

I picked up some Summer Colors @ Target

#405// Peachy by Revlon| Turqoise & Caicos, California Coral, Tart Deco by Essie| OPI Drying Drops

What do you think of these colors! I love them. I'm such a coral & peachy type girl.

Tart Deco is very similar to Haute as Hello but if I had to chose, I like Haute better, it's more of a creamier color.

Happy Tuesday!
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