Make Time To Make Memories...

With the people you love the most.....

La Bufadora in Ensenda, Baja California
Only Three in the World

Dance like no one is watching......

PAUSE for the simple things....

Never stop smiling ......

Let Loose a little!

Take a Tour, don't be shy.

Paradise via Carnival

Escape Reality....

Never judge a book by its cover or accent.

Give thanks to Mother Nature and meddle in it.

Get Wet With Water on the West

Try something different & be daring........

Sleep less make more memories @ insane hours. 
Meet different people than you usually would.

Dance with a lovely young man because his parents raised him w/ Class.

Or with a girl because it's your bachelorett party & she's beautiful.

Eat like a Queen, even if your pockets tell you otherwise.

Love MORE, eliminate heartless.
Love life, people, your friends, your memories, your senses, your HEART.

Have a great Tuesday!
Love xoxo - Natalie