Breaking a Life Long Habit

While I was watching Little Fockers with my girls this past Sunday, I had this Epiphany about taking off my acrylics & going natural *PULLS HAIR OUT*.... I needed natural nails & I wanted to test myself to see if I could do it!!  I know you're probably thinking..."WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL"...Okay, well Ive been biting my finger nails probably since the day BEFORE I was born. No exaggeration. My daughter even bites her nails. Just to put it into perspective, I got my first set put on in the 7th grade. Almost 20 years ago PEOPLE!! LOL So the key for me to NOT bite them is going to be to keep them pretty & polished!

Can you tell I'm excited? Well it took me well over an hour to take them off, sand them down w/ a buffer to try and get rid of any dents (impossible), paint, etc.  It took me FOREVER you guys...I put two coats of nail hardener, two coats of polish & a top coat. I assumed they were dry, then laid down & woke up with fabric dents.

I'm wearing Steel Grey by Rimmel, I've posted pics of this color before.

So I'm a total Natural Nail Newbie... What's your favorite brand of polish that doesn't chip as easily? What's your routine? Do you put a base coat? & What brand of top do you use? I want to find a good one that drys fast.

Sorry I haven't posted much recently, I had a hectic week last week & school is very demanding right now.  xoxo - JazzyO