Multiple Earrings? You be the judge.

Each of my ears have six pierced holes in them. When I was 16 until 18 I was the manager at Claire's. I pierced ears, hence the reason why I have so many holes. Anyway, I hardly ever wear them but recently I have newfound interest.  Some of my style has street/hip hop elements incorporated in it. I love name plate necklaces, big gold hoops, sneakers and ball caps.   Please let me know what you think of multiple earrings? Ghetto? Fab if you wear them right? Be the judge, let me know!

I love these hoops, I've been wearing them for almost 2 weeks straight. They are Platinum with Sapphire and Diamonds. I got these super cute diamond studs at a STEAL price too! I'm missing one! oops.

I LOVE LOVE Adirenne's style, like I've stated before. Check out her Rosary, Nameplate & Multiple Earrings! CHOW Mamas!