An Indulgent Sunday

I've been meaning to blog about my experience at this unforgettable dessert cafe.
My cousin & I had just finished a yummy lunch at The Bayou Grille in Inglewood & I was really craving a cupcake or something sweet afterwards. I used my trusty navigation & found a serious treasure. I think I'm starting to salivate just thinking about my findings.

Essential Chocolate Desserts has two locations, one in Culver City which is the one we went to & another in Los Angeles at the Westside Pavilion.  ECD consider themselves a dessert company committed to satisfying the taste buds of the traditional chocoholic as well as the eclectic foodie.

LA Foodies know Essential Chocolate Desserts for the delicious macaroons, cakes, dessert bars, brownies, cupcakes, gourmet “Ding Dongs,” cookies and other treats it provides to cafes and restaurants. Hearing demand from these customers and Culver City locals, several years ago, Essential Chocolate finally opened our front door to welcome everyone to come in and enjoy our fantastic products directly.

 We opted to try their red velvet ding dong & pecan pie

Paired them with a couple lattes & we were truly indulging!

The service was great! I had a chance to chat with a woman in line & asked her what she loved the most. She said hands down, their ding dongs.

Everything I tried was DELICIOUS, mouth watering...Pure euphoric ecstasy!

The chocolate layer that is around the red velvet cake was seriously one of the best tasting chocolates I've tried in a long time. Hostess has NOTHING on ECD!