Who's obssessed w/ nail trends? Anyone? Well, I am. If there is a hot new nail trend out, I'm on it. Or a bright funky color..I'm on that too. I started posting pics of my mismatched nails about two years ago. Someone once asked me what the significance was w/ the odd ball color. No meaning, just art. I see now that this trend is thru the roof. 

Just wanted to share some of my summer fun with you guys!

The coral color is by Essie called "Haute as Hello" and the green is by OPI called "Gargantuan Green Grape"

Not sure of these two colors...I used these from the nail store. I love my new nail lady. She only charges me $2 for a finger design.

What are some of your favorite trends or colors! Share, I'm always looking for new inspiration!

Yes, yes and yes I do know that 'true' fashionistas aren't really rockin' the talons like me!!! BUT...with all do respect my funky diva's like Beyonce & Rihanna are!! ROCK ON ladies.

According to Style Mag, 2010 fall styles are....        variations of the moon manicure, and gritty textured nails were the hot nail looks on the runways at New York Fall Fashion Week, which took place last spring. This is an example of what a 'moon manicure' is.

I also added a picture of another person rockin' the mis matched finger.

Also...No more french tips ladies! According to my fashionista blog...that went out years ago! Who knew?