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[RECAP] Christmas

 I know, I know I'm super tardy for the party but here's my shot at my "Christmas post"...:)

Christmas Eve at my Dad's house.
Traditionally on Christmas I go to my Dad's house, but since he was leaving town to
Palm Springs we celebrated on Christmas Eve.
We usually eat & watch the Christmas day Laker game. However, this year we watched the
50 year history of them. Many memories indeed.
We are ALL HUGE Laker fans, it's actually quite sickening when we get
into our debates how passionate we are. :)

On Christmas Day, it's tradition on my Daughter's side of the family that everyone gets together for Christmas breakfast. Egg Nogg Waffles & Fried Chicken!
My daughter, her little brother & Great Great Grandfather
 A few fab gifts I picked out with my gift cards:
1. LORAC Couture Shine in 'HAUTE'
I've been wanting another pigmented bubble gum pink color for a long time.
Their gloss is AMAZE!

2. Urban Decay's Naked Palette
I LOVE the colors on this baby, seriously perfect 'work' colors.
I know I'm probably the last person on the planet to get this!

3. Clinique's Even Better w/ 15 SPF.
I've been using this since Christmas, and OMG this product is awesome.
LOVE the way it applys, it's considered a medium coverage which is perfect for me!

This is what the Lorac looks like on, with out anything underneath.

My Christmas Nails I did really quick before heading to the breakfast.

The Red is 'Size Matters', the rosy color is from Essie's Luxe Effects in 'A Cut Above'

I hope you had a MAGICAL Christmas!
I'll post a little NEW YEAR post tomorrow.



Yasmeen said...

Oohh nice picks. Clinique has a lot of great stuff. I love that moisturizer by them that everyone uses. :X It comes in such a cute bottle! Can't remember what it's called...

Castle Fashion

Anonymous said...

great photos and presents!