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October Birchbox & My Weekend

I can't believe it's October!
This is the time of the year where yummy food & goodies pop up all over the office and you simply can't say NO.
It's all down hill from here folks! LOL

Here are my items I received from BirchBox this month. 
I'm not disappointed at all!

The theme this month was Prep & Finish

Received 5 great items!

1. Befine | Lip Serum in w/ Chamomile & Beets
$25.00 for Two 15ml tubes. It comes with an exfoliator.
I received a 10ml tube, roughly $8.30 Value

2. blinc | Mascara .21 oz. $24.00
This mascara is strange, it's a 'tube' technology where the mascara tubes on your lashes, so that they don't clump or smudge. However, they did flake a lot and it's so strange when you wash it off, it literally slides off. Still debating about this stuff.
I received .14 oz., roughly $15.00 value

3. Pangea Organics | Japanese Matcha Tea Facial Mask 4 fl oz $40.00
I received 1 oz, roughly a $10.00 value
4. Orofluido | Beauty Elixir 3.4 fl oz $29.99
LOVED this!  It has nourishing oils, such as argan, linseed & cyperus.  I used this in my hair on Saturday, it made it real sleek and nice. I'll include a picture below. Smells SO GOOD! A light vanilla amber scent.
I received .17 fl oz., roughly $3.00

5. EXTRA: Tea Forte | Minteas in Lime Mojito
Full Size $2.99


Weekend Randoms:
My Friday started at 4:01 PM at work, we usually have 5:01's which is just a tiny HOORAH, or break from our busy lives at work. A little toast to the moral!
Chips, Salsa & your choice of beer.
I tried New Castle this round, bot a big beer person at all.
My Cousin Chelsea started to work with me, so drives home have been great!   We got chauffeured home this Friday so we continued the party in the car. Nice ride home from work.:)

Saturday we were part of the audience for the filming of Tommy Davidson's Chocolate Sundaes on Showtime. We had a triple date night, a lot of fun. One of the couples was an unexpected one, but my girl Kristen was a good sport and made a great date!

In the Saban Theatre in  Beverly Hills, formally the Wilshire Theatre. The lighting was weird, I'm wearing Mac's Creme D' Nude lipstick w/ Stila's grapefruit but it came out weird in this BB photo, looks dead.  Anyways, this my hair after using the Orofluido. Loved it! Made my hair soft and sleek. 

Sunday, we headed to the studio.. El Unico & the new LAX Roscoe's fed the belly all day. Loved this limited edition Hennessy, it was cute. Same drink just cute bottle.

Out of all the editions, we were bottle #420. Go figure! :)

Happy Monday Jazzy Ladies!


chlsholmes said...

Choc Sundaes was too funny ... with the REMY. Had a blast with you ladies

Anonymous said...

The Befine serum looks good!

Unknown said...

Great picks lady!!!

<3 Marina

Yara Simón said...

Sounds like good times all around.

Dhalia Edwards said...

Love the pic of you look cute and looks like you had a great time Natalie!