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Carmaggedon? PLEASE!

Carmaggedon, Smarmaggedon.... PLEASE! That did not stop the Fabulous Two Point OH! LA Bloggers from celebrating our First Birthday at Griffith Park. Numerous people were worried about the ride over to Griffith Park,  however the streets were scott free...even less traffic-y than a normal Saturday. Talk about a CELEBRATION!  Before I start this post...HUGE THANKS to @StyleSmith & Everyone else who made this event possible. We're truly part of a special group of people, and for that I am Thankful!

We arrived just in time to snag a blanket to get our picnic on, after settling and getting our things under the umbrella, we headed over to the Pampering Pavilion to get our dosage of beauty treatments.

POP Beauty (available at Ulta & online) treated guests to makeovers & manicures

Lather also shared their wonderful products that are made out of the highest quality, and effective natural ingredients, not to mention their eco-friendly packaging!

I LOVED their hydrating body mist & their lavender & eucalyptus foot cream!
AMAZING. I tried literally everything. What I really liked the most is the exfoliating products didn't leave a film residue, but made your skin feel squeaky clean.
Their creams, left such a refreshing feeling on your skin!

Guests received bamboo lemon grass scrub, which won a 2010 Natural Beauty Award!

After being pampered we headed over to make @Glitter_n_Glue 's 'Crafternoon' - Sponsored by Sole Society to claim our DIY tote!

After completing our totes, we headed over to the Gifting Tent to fill up with Goodies from our sponsors.

BCBG Generation| POP Beauty| Bare Escentuals| NYX| Redkin| Bob Harper's Smart Cleanse| Essie| Pair of Shoes from Sole Society| Pro-Activ| Spring Cart Designs| Neiman Marcus

Two Point OH! LA Members, looking all summery & cute!

After all the mingling, pampering and festivities,  it was time to refuel!
The ladies at Zudda gave us some awesome information about their all-natural cleansing products and schooled us on all the horrible toxins that we are surrounded by daily. It's so important to cleanse your body of those horrible chemicals!  I tried all three samples and I have to admit they were SOOO good. My Cousin LOVED them. Seriously some really good tasting stuff.
Check out their site.

After cleansing and snacking on sandwiches and yummy summer salads, we indulged in some amazing sweet treats

Once gifted and refueled we bombarded the Usnaps photobooth! Sponsored by Modelwire Network.

Super fun time ladies!

Outfit of the Day:
f21 - Dress
Urban Outfitters - Sandals
Various bracelets
Sunglasses - Lilly Pulitzer

The goodies from the gifting tent

Decadent Dive & Bachelorette Bash by Essie

& I just ordered these for the FREE PAIR of shoes from Sole Society

Cline in Cream available at

Sorry for the PIC heavy post but I had a lot to share

Don't forget to check out all the FAB bloggers of Los Angeles at


the funky fashionista said...

I wish I could be a part of Two Point Oh La! It sounds like so much fun! Too bad I don't live in California.

Bess said...

Love the photos! What a great day!!

LATHER said...

Nice to meet you!

Unknown said...

Great pictures! Did you have any of the cake? It looked so pretty and yummy.
style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

that sux that I didn't hear about this before I would have soo gone !! I'm going to sub to this site thanks !!

Anonymous said...

wow, that event is AMAZING! I would love to live in LA, and you look so pretty! I love your style. The ESSIE nail polish is so cute!

Melina said...

looks like a great day :)
love the wedges :D

Dhalia Edwards said...

This looks like soooo much fun out in the sun with pretty things all around you.


Chennel said...

This looked like fun. I love the pink Essie polish : )

Mystique said...

They slayed me how they hyped it up..and then it came it was like womp womp. They need to do this more often in scaring people to stay off the freeways because the 405 that weekend was beautiful to ride traffic.